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Information Security Audit

We provide information security audit to our clients to meet the standard quality in every aspect of security. Our services consist of five (5) modules that cover the main process in information technology. The modules are:

[ Database Audit ]

In the vast expand of IT, database are among the most targeted information to get hold of hackers, crackers or untrusted workers. Our services will eliminate these loop holes by conducting a proper auditing to make sure what’s the right data, whose the right person and how the data transfers.


[ Web Audit ]

Web Audit consists of auditing the security health in web application. Our consultant has vast experience conducting security audit for finding bugs, vulnerabilities and misconfiguration in web application. These weaknesses usually consist of SQL Injection, XSS Exploit, Buffer Overflow etc.


[ Network Audit ]

Every company has their own network that can be accessed form remotely or just internally. By using our services that consist of external and internal audit, we can find vulnerabilities in this network before hackers succeed in getting the valuable data.


[ Server Audit ]

Server plays a big role in information technology. But by the rapid growth of the application, servers are required to be set up with different type of settings. These settings usually create loop holes that are vulnerable to external or internal attack. Our services will do the auditing to make sure every setting and configurations, user account, etc are done properly and securely. This will make sure that the server will have a strong protection against any hackers.


[ Application Audit ]
Internet are among the main source of information, entertainment, business and financially these days. With these needs, applications are among the key aspect for making it possible. But in every application there’s always a bugs, vulnerabilities, hidden backdoor that are waiting to be found by attackers. Our service will find these weaknesses and try to give a proper solution for it. This will make sure that every application that has been audited has been uplifted in security area.

Server Setup And Configuration

We provide setup and configuration for custom build server based on any operating system such as Windows, Linux and BSD. This server can be use from small offices to big offices starting with 2 employees to 2000 employees. This custom based server can be used as a File Server, Proxy Server, Firewall Server, Cache server, Backup Server, Web Server, Mail Server or DNS Server. These servers are going to be custom made to suit the need of the clients with security in mind.

Mail Server

We provide custom mail server for electronic messaging similar to any email service provider like google or yahoo. We provide this custom email facility such as mail account, folder management, attachment, auto signature, forwarding and receiving mail etc. You can send and receive messages to/from any email service provider in the world. With a nice user interface and as user friendly as Microsoft Outlook, the mail custom mail server doesn?t require any 3rd party application for accessing the email. The entire interface is readybuild within the mail server itself. Users can also use 3rd party application that supports POP3/POP3S, IMAP/IMAPS and standard SMTP protocol.

Network Design And Configuration

We can provide you with the specialist assistance that you need to implement network security solutions that will enable your company to realize the benefits in cost savings and productivity that the Internet can bring without exposing your internal systems to attack from hackers, viruses, server intrusion, mail relay and password thieves. We provide security services such as email security, firewall security, antivirus, anti spyware, hardening server, wireless security, web security and filtering, virtual private network (VPN), vulnerability assessment, intrusion detection, computer forensic, incident handling and network security monitoring.

Internet Hosting

We enhance your business image with a powerful and cost efficient server. We provide high bandwidth, so your site delivers information quickly to your users. Your website work in secure hosting environment physically and logically to protect your valuable information. Secure, safe and powerful. With TRI-IT, your business is as big as World Wide Web. For this internet hosting, we provide Web Hosting Facilities, Email Hosting Facilities and Transferring File Facilities.

Web Design and Web Application

We offer services on designing, developing, maintaining and promoting of web sites. Our professionals use the latest technologies and can create cost effective packages based on your budget for promoting and presenting your company in the Internet. Whether it?s online shopping system or web, password protected access level, document storage and retrieval system or self publishing information pages, our developers can deliver the best in the web technologies today.

ICT Training and Consultancy

With our expertise, we provide IT training and consultancy for you who want to improve their knowledge and skills in ICT field. Our IT training and consultancy services are honed from practical experiences as well as through theoretical training. We combine industry expertise, thought leadership and best-of-breed alliances with world-class technology providers to nurture creative innovation for your organization. Our training and consultation include operating system, programming, internet technologies, web and database and securities like firewall, penetration testing, log analysis and securing server. If you are looking for an integrated approach that fuses strategic direction with ICT technologies, let choose us as your training consultant.

Network Security Configuration and Consultation

We provide IT professional services in both secured network system integration and secured software development. The service approach has an emphasis on multi-skill, professionalism and courteous handling of clients. Our professional services including secured network system planning, secured design, implementation, operation and optimization. We focus on OS, LAN and WAN technologies such as LINUX, UNIX, Microsoft and BSD System (FreeBSD, OpenBSD, NetBSD).

IDS Installation And Setup

We provide intrusion detection system setup to client that needs extra security in real time. This intrusion detection is used for monitoring the network for various intrusions either from the outside world or from the internal network itself. We provide with the latest and trusted intrusion detection system that are available in the market with best price and services.

Data Recovery

We provide data recovery for client that generally face a situation where files are accidentally deleted, accidental formatting of the whole system or virus attacks which leads to loss of data. Although there is some confusion as to the term, data recovery can also be the process of recovering deleted information from a storage media for forensic purposes. With the highest success rate of need of Data Recovery.